GeoAwareness Runbook

The GeoAwareness system consists of four primary components. Here is a description of each.

The Geofencing service and REST API are backend components while Order Monitor and Mobile Tracker are frontend components. Both frontend components are example integrations. Each component resides in its own repository.

Deploy to GCP

All components will be deployed into a single Google Cloud Project.


Decide on a project id, region, and zone.


    # Create new cloud project
    gcloud projects create $PROJECT_ID

    # Create new cloud project within GCP folder (optional)
    # If you have a Google Cloud Organization and policy requires you to create a project within a specific folder.
    gcloud projects create $PROJECT_ID --folder=<YOUR_FOLDER_ID>

    # Configure gcloud shell environment
    gcloud config set project $PROJECT_ID

    gcloud config set compute/region $GCP_REGION

    gcloud config set compute/zone $GCP_ZONE

Deploy components

Follow the instructions provided in the individual READMEs included with each repository. We recommend standing up each component in the following order:

  1. Geofencing service
    • be sure the smoke test passes before proceeding
  3. Order Monitor
  4. Mobile Tracker

Run the Demo

  1. Open Order Monitor and click on the Carmelit store to view the near real-time dashboard.

    Order Monitor overview

  2. Open Mobile Tracker. Click Place Order followed by Leaving Now. Take note of the fictitious customer’s name in the top right corner.

    Mobile Tracker place order Mobile Tracker leaving now Mobile Tracker leaving now, left
  3. In Order Monitor, watch the order queue (left) and map (right) as the customer’s order appears in the dashboard. Zoom in to a geofence by clicking the drive-time group heading in the order queue.

  4. Open a few more instances of Mobile Tracker in your browser (new tabs) or on your mobile device(s). Place some more orders and don’t forget to click Leaving Now.

  5. In Order Monitor, spend some time watching the location updates on the map. As a customer crosses a geofence boundary, the order changes drive-time groups in the order queue.

  6. Click Close on a customer order. The order disappears from the queue and map.

    Order Monitor close order

    Order Monitor order disappears